Testing Paint Colours in Your Home

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Testing Paint Colours in Your Home Articles

Testing Paint Colours in Your Home

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Interior Designers, colour experts and professional painters the world over have a secret about how to choose paint colours properly. Many will think the key to the code is using Sample Pots but they couldn’t be more wrong. The answer is painting the proposed colour onto a large board and temporarily hanging it on the walls to be painted so you can see the colour under different lighting conditions and in different positions around the room.

Easy right? Well it would be if you can source a board that’s; the right size, which won’t absorb the paint, which won’t require lots of coats, which is stiff enough so it won’t curl or bend and if you have the time to buy it, paint it, dry it, paint a second coat and dry it again. That’s why the clever folk at Inspirations Paint have developed the Brush-out Board; a lightweight 400mm x 400mm board, which is hand-painted with two coats in the colour of your choice, purchased online and delivered to your door.

Because it’s hand-painted with two coats of a low sheen finish* paint tinted to the colour of your choosing, the Brush-out Board will look exactly how the colour will look when it’s painted on the wall. The Brush-Out Board is moveable so you can hold it up against the furniture, accessories and other colours in your room to ensure the colour works and you have made the right colour selection.

Brush-out Boards are more user friendly than Sample Pots; you often know as soon as the Sample Pot colour hits the wall whether it is right or not. If not, you’re stuck with a painted area on your wall, which can be difficult to cover. Sarah from Sydney had this problem, “I had a large patch of a dark colour where I’d painted a sample pot on my wall for 6 months!” You may have to sand back the area you have painted really well otherwise your finished wall may look like it has a patch where you painted your Sample Pot.

There is one good use for Sample Pots and that’s to touch-up any chips or cracks which occur from wear and tear after your painting project is finished. When you order a Brush-out Board from Inspirations Paint you can order the remainder of the Sample Pot too, for just this purpose.

The biggest benefit of Brush-out Boards is testing colour under differing lighting conditions because as the lighting in a room changes so will the appearance of your colour. Brush-out Boards allow you to evaluate your colour in natural light; stark morning light, bright midday sunshine and warm afternoon glow. Then you can view the Brush-out Boards under your artificial lighting at night, be it incandescent, fluorescent or LED. You can also see how the colour fares with overhead lighting, versus just lamp lighting.

This is particularly useful when you are decorating a room which you will only use at certain times of day. For instance, if you are decorating a dining room, which is mostly used in the evening, check the colour on the Brush-out Board under evening light and under the artificial lighting in the dining room to ensure you get your desired look.

To test a whole colour scheme use multiple Brush-out Boards, you can hang them next to each other where two or three proposed colours will meet, i.e. in a corner of a room or against an architrave, picture rail, cornice or skirting board. You can even cut your Brush-out Boards up to match the width of the trim to most precisely check the colours. 


Four Steps to Using Brush-out Boards

STEP 1: Hang the painted board on your wall using blu-tack.

STEP 2: View the colour under varying daylight conditions and under artificial lights at night.

STEP 3: Move the board to other walls which receive more or less light. Check how the colour looks there.

STEP 4: Where colours meet in a corner or trim, place them side-by-side to test the colour combination.

Once you’re happy with your colour selection, visit your local Inspirations Paint store to get all the paint and tools you’ll need to make your project go as smoothly as possible.


* Brush-Out Boards are made to order from Inspirations Paint National Office at Warners Bay, NSW, and delivered straight to your door. Brush Out Boards are available for sale on our website in a low sheen finish only. Starting from just $4 per board, you can choose from the pre-painted 20 most popular colours or have any other colour from the Dulux or Berger colour walls brushed out just for you. Visit the Colour Wall to select your colour and add it to your cart.

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