Our Favourite Bedroom Paint Projects Articles

Our Favourite Bedroom Paint Projects

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Thinking of giving your bedroom a bit of an upgrade? Here’s some of our favourite bedroom paint projects to give you some inspiration.

Light blue tones encourage feelings of freshness and cleanliness in the bedroom. An ideal way to clutter the mind and free the soul. And aren't the chest of drawers in the corner just to die for?

Warm neutral colours in a bedroom embody feelings of homeliness and comfort. Not to mention the cute little fabulous throw pillows.

This sandy desert inspired bedroom is a great example of blending nature with style to create a comfortable sleeping ecosystem. Wouldn't you just love it if this was your bedroom? It would be like glamping in Morocco.

Contrasting colours in the bedroom such as light and dark tones imbue rich feelings of positive energy.

Using environmental colours in your bedroom such as light green tones facilitates relaxing energies in your space of rest and recooperation. 

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With the link between design and wellbeing increasingly evident, we're here to help you understand the psychology behind colour and how best to apply it to your surroundings, especially in the bedroom.

If you’ve found this article because you were cruising through the internet, legitimately looking for paint project ideas for your teen’s bedroom, I’d like to congratulate you on surviving the first twelve years of parenthood. 

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