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Weatherfast Premium Enamel Gloss

A balanced blend of premium raw materials to produce the highest quality marine grade enamel. For use on prepared steel, aluminium, concrete, timber and other surfaces where performance and durability is paramount.

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Maverick Heavy Duty Canvas Drop Sheets 8oz 5’X18’

The Maverick Heavy Duty Drop Sheet is a heavy duty 8oz canvas with tightly woven threads to prevent and reduce the risk of paint leakage.

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Meet Loungy

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What's wrong with Loungy? Come and meet Loungy and his mate in our new commercial airing from Sunday night #WhatsYourNextProject

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Now that your paint project is over you may find yourself asking what to do with the left over paint? Well there are simple, environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your left over paint which are easy & safe for everyone.

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