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Uni-Pro Genius Heavy Duty Caulking Gun

Uni-Pro Genius Heavy Duty Caulking Gun

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Kitchen Timber Oil

An easy to use, deeply penetrating, and fast drying oil that protects kitchen timbers.

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Meet Loungy

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What's wrong with Loungy? Come and meet Loungy and his mate in our new commercial airing from Sunday night #WhatsYourNextProject

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The Dulux Colour Trends for 2018 allow for individual customisation and expression for home interiors, to help reflect our need to balance all aspects of life. We do this by balancing our work and play, spending time in our communities and on ourselves, giving and taking hold and revisiting old and new.

Painting your doors, windows and trims is a great way to rejuvenate and add character to your home, it can add depth and dimension to newly painted walls.

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