Giving the inside of your home a splash of elegance Articles

Giving the inside of your home a splash of elegance

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When bright paint colours are used in interior spaces, the effect will typically be that rooms will seem bigger and more open. Elegant even. Different shades of white can also be used with light colours from other hue groups to accomplish this effect.

Contrasting white walls with dark brown floorboards works perfectly when the white paint colours you choose have a slightly brown base about them. Colours such as White Duck and Whisper White are great white paint colours that can be used to make this work.

This gorgeous modern kitchen combines Vivid White with the light yellow hue of Citrino to create a citrusy fresh feel almost reminiscent of a lemon sorbet creamsicle on a hot January evening. In one word… style.

Combining lighter shades of blue with your child’s study / desk area stimulates positive mental energy.  When you add lighter colours to the area you spend enriching your mind, you make room for your mind to grow and breath.

When you’re using warmer white colours inside, you can get away with adding splashes of sharp white in furniture and appliances to create complementing white effects. Throw in a dab of brown leather and you’ll have yourself and elegant space.

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So you want to paint your home white, great choice! White colour schemes will always be classic and if you’re planning on painting your entire house they are a great choice, as you will be far less likely to grow tired of them. 

White seems like the easiest, safest and most straight-forward way to go when choosing paint colours. For that reason many home-owners start their painting project by saying they are going to paint their house simply ‘off-white’, only to find themselves bamboozled by the seemingly endless spectrum of white paint on offer.

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