About Us

Inspirations Paint is Australia’s leading network of specialty paint stores, with over 100 stores nationwide. Each store is a franchise run independently by the store owner. The franchisor is Inspirations Paint Store (Holdings) Ltd an unlisted public company whose shareholders are the franchisees themselves.

Therefore the national office exists to service the franchisees and to grow the business through continual improvement in the areas of marketing, finance, administration, operations and business strategy. For franchising enquiries click here.


Inspirations Paint Store (Holdings) Limited began trading as 3D Paint Store in 1979, with the three D’s standing for Dulux, Decorating, Discounts. Originally set up as a buying group of five paint stores in Newcastle (NSW) the company prospered and attracted other stores, with the group growing to 20 stores in 1986.

The success of 3D accelerated when stores within Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia joined the group in the late 1980s. By 1993 store numbers exceeded 100 and it became obvious that 3D Paint Store was outgrowing a buying group structure and a franchise model was adopted in 1997. At the same time the company strategically aligned itself with Dulux, a partnership that to this day is robust and integral to Inspirations’ reputation as delivering the best quality paint products to both retail and trade customers.

3D became Inspirations Paint in March 2007, when the first 16 stores adopted an innovative and interactive colour showroom concept, that involves splitting the store into retail and trade areas. A strong emphasis on colour advice and access to colour consultants are also corner stones of Inspirations Paint.


At Inspirations Paint we love your projects.
All projects.
Your big projects. Your little projects.
The completed ones.
The ones you’re doing now and the ones you’re going to start tomorrow.
We even have a soft spot for your abandoned projects.
We go nuts for kitchen projects. We get amped over bathrooms.
We high-five, fist-pump over your wallpapering the lounge room project.
We love the smell of paint in the morning.
We love sanding back and scraping off…ok, we don’t love those
but we’re ok about doing them because it means you’re doing a project.
And we want to help.
We have loads of ideas. A gazillion to be accurate.
And we want to share. We want to just give ideas away.
We believe in the combination of you & inspirations.
We believe together we can do amazing things.
And we can’t wait to get stuck in.
What’s your next project?

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